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Organic SEO SEM

Organic, ethical, or natural, SEO and SEM are methodologies used to make a web site more visible. This optimization uses techniques which allow each page to be found by the computer robots to the site - and more importantly - to be appealing, informative and interesting to the human visitors.

There are many tactics and strategies available to optimize (optomize) a site.  SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) have a wide range of tools.

But what is the best way to optimize a site?  Using Organic SEO and SEM.

Why is organic SEO and SEM the best way?  Because the primary focus is on the human searchers - your potential customers.

And another major focus is on the search engines.  An 'organic' site likely can withstand  the ever-changing algorithms of the search engines better than a lower quality site.

And a third major focus is on your visibility.  Because no matter how good your products or services are, and no matter how beautiful your web pages are –

Nobody will care
if you can't be found!


Organic SEO SEM

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) encompasses the philosophy of presenting quality and value for the searchers.  No deceptive tricks are used to trick anyone to visit. And besides - you don't want just visitors - you want targeted potential customers.  Interestingly organic seo is also widely called ethical seo - for obvious reasons.

There are two main categories for the techniques to be put in place.  The first is "on-site optimizing" - whose main concern is the presentation of quality content.  It should be informative, interesting and useful. Once the content is in place - instructions to the search engine spiders are coded and placed on the page. Then both are tweaked until there is a high correlation between what the humans see and the code that the spiders see.

To draw a specific audience - keywords are selected to attract viewers. Thorough expert analysis is needed to ensure focus, adequate numbers of searchers looking for those terms, and who the competition for those words is. Are you competing against 10 rivals or a thousand? Are there 100 potential customers or a million? Once determined - the keywords are entered onto the appropriate computer tags.

Attracting Targeted Customers
Money in Your Pocket!

The second technique is "off-site optimizing" which deals with promotion and marketing your business on other urls. Keyword-rich links are submitted to search engines and directories. Articles may be written and syndicated. Related, usually non-competitors may trade banners with you. 'Link farms and questionable domains are avoided."

Organic SEO SEM

What is Organic SEM?

Organic SEM (search engine marketing) is a broader range of economical actions which may be employed to promote a web site.  SEO is a major subset of SEM.

Examples of SEM include Classified Ads, Email marketing, placing text-links, search engine sponsorships, affiliate marketing and press releases.  Each have their own costs (some are free).  Each has their own function.  But ultimately they are all used to spread your message on the Internet.

Organic SEO SEM

Organic SEO and SEM are affordable

Because more thought and time are spent building each page of the site, in general, less money needs to be expended later to promote the site.

And the best news might be that we have already done the hard work.  We KNOW what the search engines like - and more importantly - we know what they DON'T like.

It's your decision.
Use more thought and patience -
or spend more money !


Organic SEO is Ethical SEO. This means the search engine optimization techniques are undertaken to present the same content and images to the search engines as to human visitors. So the optimization is not only performed for the search engine, but equally for the users.

Ethical SEO means just what it suggests, that it is above board White Hat search engine optimization. It is ethical - not deceptive SEO.

Ethical SEO also is defined as Natural SEO. Natural search engine optimization implies that the overall strategies and tactics are done in a manner that one might normally make when attempting to build a website the way you might have a discussion or presentation. Natural - not artificial.

Search engine optimization methodology performed in a natural way includes easy navigation, headings to highlight important sections and might be viewed as the general visual layout that might be found in a book or newspaper. It is not a totally distinct format - it relates to natural communication media found elsewhere.

So we've come full circle on this term. Organic SEO is an Ethical form of search engine optimization which is instituted in a Natural way.

As to the difference between Organic SEO and Organic SEM - well, glance through our site for more details. But in short, Organic Search engine marketing encompasses Natural SEO as well as many other types of techniques done in order to gain visibility for a website.

If you're a company - you want to make money.  Start taking advantage of organic search engine optimization. If you're a church - you want to have a quality resource for your congregation.  Rochester Michigan, Sydney Ohio, Minneapolis or Florida - no matter where you are –

Get Noticed!

And the best way
to do that
is by using

SEO and SEM!

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