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FAQ: Can I pay the search engines to give my site a higher ranking? Tony B., Arlington Heights, IL

A: No. You can purchase a sponsor-link or keyword banner ad, but this is very different from paying to improve your ranking. These listings are clearly labelled as advertisements and are in a separate section, apart from the normal search listings.

Some search engines require a payment in order to be indexed. This, however, is no guarantee to improve your position or gain a certain position. It is merely a fee to be indexed and listed. The normal rankings will be based on that particular search engine's relevant algorithm.

FAQ: Is there a good alternative to using two sentences when my Title tag needs to address two distinct thoughts that I want to appear on my SERPs listing? Two sentences often have too many characters for the tag? Jan K., Golden, CO

A: Sometimes a pipe ( | ) divider can be used. It can be a visually friendly divider between two parts of a Title or Description tag.

For example, say you offer 2 services - Men's Hair Cuts and Women's Hair Styling. You want both to appear in the title of your SERPs listing, but need it to be concise. You might use: "Men's Hair Cuts|Women's Hair Styling" as you Title tag. This looks more like 2 headings than 2 sentences.

The pipe is commonly used to assist in keeping the tags from getting too long. Remember that whatever you use in your tags - have it be a true reflection of what is on the page.

FAQ: What is a meta search engine? Dennis B., Punxsutawney, PA

A: A meta search engine is a special type of website using for querying. Keywords are entered into a search box and submitted.

The meta search engine will then send your search terms simultaneously to several different individual search engines. It then will report to you the results from all of the search engines queried in one list. Note - Dogpile, a well-known meta, offers views and comparisons of each search engine result.

FAQ: Are meta search engine searches better than a search on an individual search engine? Charles G., San Diego, CA

A: The quality of a meta search engine is no better than the quality of the underlying search engines that they obtain results from. In most cases these search engines are smaller or free search engines or directories.

Metas improve on search engines in that they cancel "noise" from blogs, paid advertisements and other search engine nuances. The better meta search engines include many search engines to produce the best results. They do not overly bias any one search engine and will produce results based on an objective weighted voting system.

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