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FAQ: What is Google PageRank ?  Terry H., El Dorado Hills, CA

A: Google PageRank is a ranking system used in determining the relevance of a web page.  The best explanation can be found in Google’s Technology section as follows:

“PageRank Technology: PageRank performs an objective measurement of the importance of web pages by solving an equation of more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Instead of counting direct links, PageRank interprets a link from Page A to Page B as a vote for Page B by Page A. PageRank then assesses a page's importance by the number of votes it receives.

PageRank also considers the importance of each page that casts a vote, as votes from some pages are considered to have greater value, thus giving the linked page greater value. Important pages receive a higher PageRank and appear at the top of the search results. Google's technology uses the collective intelligence of the web to determine a page's importance. There is no human involvement or manipulation of results, which is why users have come to trust Google as a source of objective information untainted by paid placement.”

FAQ: When was Google started ?     Louis L., Chicago, IL

A: Google was put into operation in 1998.

FAQ: Why does there seem to be so many PageRank zeros and ones, but so few eights, nines or tens ?  Ralph F., Livonia, MI

A: Nobody outside Google itself is privy to the exact machinations of the PageRank algorithm.  But it is suspected that PageRank is determined not as a linear function, but rather on a logarithmic scale.  To further complicate a layman’s understanding, it is likely on a non-decimal base system.

So for instance, if the scale were on base 9, a PageRank 5 would be approximately 81 times more difficult to achieve than a PageRank 3.  Keep in mind, that while PageRank is stated as whole numbers from zero through ten – it may represent rounded figures - decimal values are likely.  Thus, a PageRank Ten would be rarer than a PageRank nine, and so forth.

FAQ: What does Google think about pop-up advertising ?   Rex L., Palm Beach Shores, FL

A: Google does not allow pop-up ads on their site.  As they put it – “we find them annoying”.

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