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Moving to the link to the right of Images, you will find Video . Similar to the Image search but in this query videos are the population being found.

Enter "Old Glory" again and you will be presented with numerous videos deemed relevant to the search for Old Glory in video form.
Observe that Google suggests several features to supplement the search directly under the search box. Top Ten, Comedy, Music, Movies, Sports, Animation, TV Shows and Google Choices are offered in lieu of the original video query.

Google News Search

Yet another opportunity for information is available from Google in the form of news stories. Click the link for News above the search box and you arrive at a dynamic webpage where the top news stories from around the world are featured. As a dynamic page the content is periodically updated to provide the most current items.

In addition to the selected feature stories there are several categories to choose from including news of the World, of the United States, for Business, Science and Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Health and Most Popular topics. Note that for alternate Google sites around the world these categories vary. For instance, Google San Marino has news of Italy in lieu of United States news.

Again as is the common practice of Google, there is a search box enabling users to conduct their own search for news on topics of their choice based on keyword entering.

Google Maps

If there is one thing that is simply amazing about the internet, it might be the cartography capabilities. The mapping and satellite picture talents of Google or Map Quest are unbelievable.

Click on the Map link on the Google home page. Queries can be made around the globe - even to the detail of addresses. The pinpointed locations are not exact, but very close. One can zoom in or out to achieve the desired level of detail. There are easy to navigate zooms on the left along with adjustments for north, south, east, and west. Upon reaching a zoomed in position even the street names can be identified. Or the roller on the mouse can be used to adjust the zoom feature.

And to top off all this remarkable detail - the user can view a satellite picture of the area if available.

Even if only for a bit of entertainment - try the Map link. It's amazing.

Next let's look at searches, in general.

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