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Further Focus
on Boolean Search

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Here's a couple more ways to focus your search.

By using parentheses the keywords can be grouped. This can allow greater flexibility to the query. For example, say you want to buy a used vehicle but are unsure what term the sellers might use - automobile or car. Select Used as a keyword, but group the other two terms along with a Boolean operator.

used + (car OR automobile)

This search will look for any webpages with the term 'used' accompanied by either car or automobile.

Another way to search for a keyword or another keyword is the use of the pipe character in between the relevant keywords, where the OR could go. The pipe character is located on the keyboard above the enter key, in the shift position ( | ). The above search for the used vehicle could be made as follows:

used + (car|automobile)

A bit shorter if you'd like to view more of your query entry in the search box - and it does the same thing.

Boolean Ranges

Another way to search involves a numeric range. Suppose you are looking for land to build a new house on, but would like it to be on five to ten acres. Further you would like it to be located in Michigan. Your search could utilize a double period element between the ranges of the acreage.

acres Michigan land 5..10

If you want the search to be for land in Michigan UNDER five acres use the double period element as such:

acres Michigan land ..5

If you want only land greater than ten acres do this:

acres Michigan land 10..

You still could get a few irrelevant webpages where a numeric reference on the page pertains to something other than acres, but many can be visually eliminated by scanning the descriptions in the SERPs.

A Short Boolean Operator Review

For any keyword with a plus sign immediately preceding it , without a space - every search MUST HAVE that word .


For any keyword with a minus sign immediately preceding it, without a space - NO search match can contain that word.


Any two or more keywords with OR or | in between them gives the matching effort the option of using either of the terms.

keyword OR keyword


Any search query containing two or more keywords must return webpages with all keywords present in the document - but the keywords may be on the document in any order.

Next let's look at Boolean syntax - another search refinement.

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