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Types of Keyword Terms

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Generic Terms

The second category of keyword terms is generic terms. Generic keyword terms are the most popular in relation to the number of inquiries as well as the amount of spending marketers are willing to invest to achieve prominent rankings. Since the search frequency is high - the costs for PPC or PFP are accordingly comparatively expensive as well. So careful analysis and monitoring should be done to ensure an adequate ROI to justify the expenditure.

While a branded term includes some company or product description among the keywords - generic terms do not. Ford automobile is a branded term; automobile is a generic term. There is higher quantities of searches for the generic than for the branded.

Organic optimization is ideal for generic keyword terms . It costs no more than for branded terms. A landing page can be created for generic terms just as easily and inexpensively - while PPC and PFP costs are more.

Generic terms are keywords which are used by searchers for general to the subject or market . They have a moderate Click Through Rate as well as Conversion potential. They may not be highly motivated - just researching or gathering information. In spite of the high traffic, it is not targeted traffic, and has a moderate to low Return On Investment potential.

Specific Terms

Specific terms keywords are designed to match a searcher's most specific request.

A generic term becomes a specific term by adding more precision to the phrase. This has a couple of effects on the search.

First, any webpages returned by the search engine will likely be extremely relevant to what the query pertained to . Second, relatively few pages will usually have this degree of specificity - so the SERPs listing should be pretty short.

From the website owner's point of view there is a reason for this precise presentation. The website offers this product and wants to market it in an emphasized manner - through it's own webpage. And there are likely fewer competitors for this specific phrase.

Searchers for specific keyword terms represent a highly motivated searcher. They are not looking - they know what they want.This results in a moderate to high Click Through Rate. The CTR is matched by a moderate to high conversion rate.

If PPC is used, the cost should be relatively low since there is not as much competition for the phrase. PFP is usually not an appropriate tool since this highly precise term will likely get high placement with PPC alone. Of course, nothing else beats the search engine marketing of a specific keyword phrase like organic search engine optimization. In the case of frequent obsolescence, however, organic SEO may be cost prohibitive. By the time the costs are incurred and the search engines index and list the webpage - the product may no longer be available. This is especially true for retailers or seller of fad products.



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