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Keyword Search Terms Analysis RATES start at just $250 !! A full analysis - providing you with a list of twenty, fifty, one hundred - OR MORE good keyword search terms. How can we offer it so inexpensively ? Because once we can introduce you to the excellence of our services - we hope to do additional work for you. With no additional commitment on your part.

Is your website optimized for your MOST VALUABLE KEYWORDS ? Often the pages are optimized for what you THINK are the high value keywords. But that can be a lot different from the ACTUAL high value keywords !

Keyword Research is VITAL to SEO. Can you imagine what could happen to your customer traffic and to your sales by optimizing your website for the wrong keywords ???

We use many different tools and techniques in our research methodology. This is so we leave no doors shut - behind which could stand some outstanding keywords for you. We use the usual tools made available by the Search Engines. And in addition, we utilize such products as Wordtracker, Overture, KeyWord Discovery and Google AdWords.

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Keyword search terms are the building blocks upon which all other website work is based. Every optimized webpage needs to be based on a theme centered around several factors. These considerations include describing what you are offering - products, services, information or whatever. Also you need to perform thorough analysis of the supply and demand information for those terms. Supply is represented by the number of websites offering those keyword search terms to users. Demand is represented by the search quantity per fixed time period on the internet. Keyword analysis is a simple concept - it is developing a unique marketing approach based on the keyword search terms.

The ideal search terms are generally not a single word, though they could be. Single words usually do not represent what is being offered. But even if it does - the competition for that single keyword is probably overwhelming.

How does Organic SEO SEM find quality
Keyword Search Terms ?

Keyword search terms are the keyword or keyphrase terms that your potential customers would type into the Google search box if they were to look for your services or products. It also could include technical industry terms, slang, synonyms or brand information. But customer perspective is the most important to consider. Unless you optimize your pages for what THEY are anticipated to type in - they will never find you. Natural search engine optimization - natural SEO - requires that the keyword search terms be of such quality - with enough customer traffic - to justify optimization for that keyword or keyphrase. Competition, while important, is secondary. Because chances are - much of your competition is not using organic SEO or SEM. So YOUR webpages will usually outperform and rank higher than their webpages. Natural search engine optimization is the best method of outperforming the competitors - because it is quality and in tune with what the search engines want to see.

Natural SEO effectively and efficiently determines the keyword search terms that will work best for you. It evolves into a listing of perhaps several hundred keyword search terms. Only those with an acceptable level of demand - user searches - are included. From there, the keyword search terms that are irrelevant are eliminated. Of the remaining search terms, most will have unacceptable supply to demand curves. These are retained as potential secondary or supportive keyword search terms. The primary terms left have either good supply-demand curves, low levels of competition, very high keyword search frequency, or a combination. No sense working with sub-standard keyword search terms that will not significantly improve your visibility or focused traffic.

What big steps does Organic SEO SEM perform
when doing Keyword Search Term Research ?

  • Organic SEO SEM conducts a thorough investigation into the frequency of input for each of the relevant keyword search terms. We consider alternative forms of the keyword or keyphrase, including synonyms, stemming, alternate spellings and keyword combinations.
  • Organic SEO SEM researches the level of competition for each of the keyword search terms. Are you facing 100 competitors, or a million ? Over time we are confident we can be competitive with most keyword search terms. But naturally, the lower the competiton, the faster we can do it.
  • Organic SEO SEM applies the Supply-Demand relationship and equations found in Austrian Economic theory, and in mathematics to enable going after the right keyword combinations. We want the most Bang for the Buck!
  • Organic SEO SEM takes an overall Marketing approach in selecting which keyword search terms need to go on which pages. We view each webpage as an individual marketing tactic within an overall comprehensive marketing plan.
  • Organic SEO SEM can conduct periodic updates to the keyword search terms analysis. We understand that new phrases can evolve, old keyword search terms can diminish in usage, or competition shifts may affect their desirability. This way your website marketing effort stays current, relevant and focused.
  • Organic SEO SEM cannot stress strongly enough the importance to a successful website of performing a quality Keyword Search Terms analysis. It is the foundation upon which organic SEO and SEM efforts are laid. Without it - you have a hit-or-miss program - hardly a way to run a business.
  • Organic SEO SEM draws upon our background and experience in econometrics, accounting, mathematics, marketing, SEO, business planning and economics in assessing the construction of the website customized for you and your customers.

Don't just get your website Visible -

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We know how to assess your major competitors. We know who the major search engines are and what each likes or dislikes. We can get you listed high on their rankings for your keyword search terms. We are a quality firm with affordable rates. We consider your success and satisfaction to be the paramount factor in evaluating our own success.


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Organic SEO SEM Keyword Search Terms Analysis !.

We would be happy to help you develop an organic search engine optimization program to market your products and services. We want you to succeed - and we can help. Our services are quite affordable, and like the SEO work - is tailored to meet your needs.

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