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FAQ: What is image resolution and how is it determined? Paul F., Dandridge, TN

A: Resolution refers to the amount of information that a digital or printed file contains. Resolution is generally measured in pixels. The higher the resolution - the more pixels - the more detailed and defined it will appear on a web page or in print.

Most applications list an image's resolution using the pixel dimensions. Pixel dimensions are stated as horizontal pixels times vertical pixels.

For browsers , a screen resolution of 832 x 624 would have a resolution of 519,168 pixels. A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 would be 786,432 pixels. Multiply the horizontal number by the vertical number to get the screen resolution.

FAQ: I've heard that you can hide text on a web page. How can this be done? Lisa M., Murfreesboro, TN

A: What you are referring to is a technique that falls under "Black Hat" SEO. It is a way to trick either the search engine, but more commonly the human visitor.

Some of the common methods for doing this include the following:

  • coloring the text to blend with the background. The text and background are given identical or very similar color;

  • the improper usage of "noscript" tags;

  • using extremely small text;

  • having CSS "Z" positioning to place text behind an image;

  • CSS text positioning very far from the center of the page, making it difficult for humans to locate;

An objective of the internet is to provide quality and useful content as well as properly placed keywords and effective, highly correlated computer tags. If you are providing this - there is absolutely no need for hidden text or any other black hat search engine optimization tactics.

FAQ: How large can images on my web pages be? Jane L., Chicago, IL

A: There isn't any reason to place images on a webpage if their size causes the page to load excessively slow. It is suggested that individual images be kept at 10kb or less, with a 40kb maximum for the entire page.

FAQ: I want to set up a website with words in the domain name that relate to my business. Is it best to separate the words with spaces or dashes or underlines, or should I just list the words adjacent to each other? Thomas C., New London, CT

A : There are probably two acceptable ways to do this - list the words adjacent to each other, as organicseosem does, or use a single hyphen (dash) in between the words. Spaces and underscores should never be used.

FAQ : What is a hyperlink ? Ed B., Grosse Pointe Park, MI

A: A hyperlink is text or an image in a document which transports you to another document or elsewhere on the same page when you click on it. It is the main form of internet navigation.

We decided that adjacent words were best for us, but dashes are perfectly acceptable as long as you do it in a way that people can remember to put them in their query when looking for your site.

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