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Top Quality Title and Meta Tag Optimization for just $25 per page !
That's right - $25 per page - OR LESS !

Title and Meta tag optimizing rates start at just $25 per page !! This service is available to both our "Keyword Search Terms Analysis" customers (who will also get a $3 per page discount) - and to folks who want to rely solely on their own keyword research and optimized pages. Our "Optimizing Keywords Tags" program takes the organic optimization effort to the next level. It is vital to know which keyword phrases are best for you to use. Now that your Keyword Search Terms analysis has told you this - it's time to place them strategically on your main three tags to prepare your website for high SERPs ranking on Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other search engines.

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What are the tags you should be concerned about ?

First, your Title tag. This is a very important tag, one of the most important for both your human visitors and the search engines. From the human visitor standpoint - it is the top line that will be seen for your website when it is returned on a search query. So it should be descriptive of the content and context of the page it represents. It should be concise, relevent and catchy if possible. It should follow the title case capitalization rules and avoid special characters such as ASCII. Your major keywords should be placed in the ideal order and relative proximity, and be highly correlated with the underlying page content. A unique Title tag needs to be used on every optimized page.

Second, your Meta Keywords tag. This tag is regarded as outmoded by some search engines, but it remains important on others. The Keywords tag should reflect the theme of the page. Each word in the tag needs to be highly correlated with the text on the webpage. The words have to be placed on the tag in the right order, and be unique from the Keywords tags found on other optimized pages. The Keywords tags should be concise and highly relevant. No keyword should be present more than twice, although stemming is allowed and often desirable.

Third, your Meta Description tag. In the search results - this tag appears directly under the Title tag. So it should be enticing to the reader, and accurately reflect what your page is about - a sort of summary of the webpage. Again, it should be unique from other Description tags found on other optimized webpages. It needs to be concise, under 100 cws (characters with spaces) is best, and be correlated with the Meta Keywords tag and the page content.

Fourth, there are many other tags with varying uses and value. We will review with you any that we recommend you utilize. In general, optimizing the other tags for keywords will not help in raising your site visibility - but they are important from a standpoint of website quality standards expected by the search engines and internet authorities. Some are essential - others optional.

Organic SEO SEM will help your rankings by
Optimizing your Tags for Keywords !

Where do you start ? With your list of high quality - high potential keywords list. From this you select the very best - and start there. You want these keyphrases to be placed on webpages high in your website hierarchy for better visibility and earlier indexing. Then you build your content and images around it. The next step is to analyze the page to determine the general coding requirements for the page - as it now exists. Tags are written and the page is re-tested. Tweaks are made to finalize the page. At this point you should be happy with the presentation to your visitors, and this presentation should be highly correlated with the underlying tags.

Organic SEO SEM will keep you informed along the way of the progress and the results. You will be apprised of any important observations we make. And we will make recommendations on optimizing other aspects of your website development. Organic SEO SEM will provide you with professional, quality service.

What will Organic SEO SEM
when optimizing your tags for keywords ?

  • Organic SEO SEM will analyze each webpage, and suggest modifications to the text, images, and other features of the page.
  • Once the features of the page are preliminarily in an acceptable state - Organic SEO SEM will construct the Title tag. It will be concise (usually under 40 cws) and representative of the underlying webpage. Tests will be conducted to ensure high correlative value with the page content.
  • Organic SEO SEM then will build the Keywords meta tag. It will be inter-related with the Title tag. It will be concise, under 20 words, often less than ten - for maximum focus on your keywords. The individual terms will be positioned in a logical order to assist in gaining webpage visibility. Again, tests will be made to ensure a high correlation with the underlying text.
  • Organic SEO SEM will move to construction of the Description meta tag. Primary considerations will be given toward making this tag both search engine and human friendly. It will be a description of the page contents that searchers will see when conducting queries. It will be concise and inter-related with your Keywords meta tag. A high correlation with the page content will be secured.
  • Organic SEO SEM will review your particular business or website situation, make an evaluation and recommend which additional tags you should consider using. There are various tags available, but few required. We believe in a KISS (Keep It Simple and Safe) philosophy, so our assessment will be objective and reasoned.
  • Organic SEO SEM's rates are not set in stone. We understand that a business, particularly in its early start-up phase, has other pressing financial needs. We will be happy to consider your pricing offers that are in line with your current capabilities. We'd rather have you as a long-term friend and business partner than jeopardize your business success. Organic SEO SEM is a people business - not a profit priority business.
  • Organic SEO SEM will provide you with quality, affordable and ethical service.

Help your Top Keywords get Visible -

by Optimizing your Tags for your best Keywords !

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