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We are proud to be associated with these fine quality websites, some of the best real estate on the Internet. We encourage you to visit them, look around, and learn what they have to offer.

By visiting these websites and exploring what they are about - you can discover not only where the Internet is at - but also where it is headed.

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Leading the Internet
to its full potential -

World Wide Web Consortium




Global Coordinator of
Internet Domain Names -

Internet Consortium - Assigned Names & Numbers




Largest human-edited directory
on the Web -

Open Directory Project



Promoting W3C standards
in Browsers -

Web Standards Project



Unique Internet encoding
for all Languages -





Research for Informatics
and Mathematics -




Real-time Detailed
Web Statistics -

Stat Counter




Coordinating the Functions
of the Internet -

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority



Creative Leader in
Web Design and Video -

Adobe Systems




Global Quantum
Computer Development -

University of Oxford



Who's Who
of the Internet -

Internet Society



Preserving Knowledge
for Future Generations

Library of Congress



Global Informational
Technology Association

Computing Machinery



Software Development

Apache Software



Free Multi-Lingual
Internet Encyclopedia




USA Quantum Computer
Development Leader

Cornell University



W3C Asian Partner
for Internet Development

Keio University



Leading Innovator of
Browsers and Email




Developing Precision Maps
of the World




Artificial Intelligence




USA Agency for
Scientific Research

National Science Foundation



Music, Video and Games
for the Internet




Free Digital Library
of Internet Websites

Internet Archive



Software Downloads

Internet Tools



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