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It is amazing how many businesses try to succeed with the development of a business plan. The assumption seems to be - everything will take care of itself, or we're too busy, or the web site bring us more than enough customers.

Do yourself a favor. At least make the attempt.

Chief Components of a Business Plan

All individual plans must conform to the rules and overall layout of the top level business plan. This includes subplans for various products or services, divisions or geographic sectors. Development for a web site based firm is the same as for a non web site company.

A business plan should include at least the following features .

  • Title Page - used to identify the report, the entity, the fiscal period, the date of preparation ( in case of updated versions ) and the sub-section if appropriate.
  • Table of Contents - list all major sections of the business plan and give their page location.
  • Executive Summary - Upfront provide the highlights of the business plan, any assumptions made and the results expected. Don't keep the audience in suspense. Give the answers now and let them review and critique the details later.
  • Product or Service Plan - provide a brief description of main categories, pricing structures, volumes ,costs and sales for a couple historic years plus the projected year. If sales by customer are important list the information broken out that way as well.
  • Competition - compile a ledger of primary competitors, which lines they compete in, and proposed strategies for dealing with each.
  • Sales and Marketing Plan - Detail the marketing ideas to overtake the competition and increase revenues. This might include price adjustment, new search engine marketing ideas, improving quality, advertising and promotions. Assign responsibility for achieving each component.
  • Product or Service Development - note any research and development or product enhancements.
  • Operational Planning - Schedule out staffing levels and production timing.
  • Organization structure - describe the organizational structure of the business, including any changes, related expenses and goals assigned to individuals.
  • Financial Plan and related schedules - summarize the results of the product, sales and marketing, product, operations and organization plans. Any details should be shown in supporting workpapers. It should be laid out in measurable statements such as Income Statement, Balance Sheet, performance statistics and ratios , responsibility budgets and cash flow statements .

We have retained the services of a former Director of Planning for a major international corporation to assist us in aiding our clientele.

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