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To have the most effective search engine marketing for your website it is essential to ask some key questions and answer them completely and truthfully. Here is a few.

  • Is your search engine marketing strategy within your resource capability?
  • Is your marketing plan consistent with your environment - the right approach for your targeted customer looking for your unique product?
  • Does cyclicality or seasonality have any bearing on your sales or marketing efforts?
  • Does your marketing plan suffer from tunnel vision? Are you doing the same things you have always done? Or are you allowing creativity to flourish?
  • Have you sufficiently identified your customers or markets? Have you optimally segmented them?
  • Are there current trends that may affect your industry or its products?
  • Do you know who your competition is? More to the point - what are THEY doing , and how will they react to your marketing strategies? Is your company a leader - or a follower?
  • Will your timing be effective in light of changing market conditions?
  • Are you continuing to differentiate your offerings from your competitors?
  • Is your strategy identifiable and known by all who ' need to know '?
  • Is the effective strategy consistent with the company internal strengths and policies?
  • Have responsibilities for implementing your search engine marketing strategy been assigned?
  • Are contingency plans developed in case your marketing is not effective due to changing situations?

Effective Long-Term Marketing

Companies exist in unique market environments. Nobody else has exactly the same products or customers or competition. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. While it is recognized that profitability is essential for a going concern - they should be managed in a way that is appropriate to the market and within the overall strategic direction of the business.

Effective search engine marketing makes the most of its opportunities. Time frames are artificial unless they have a direct bearing on the business. Nothing magic about yearend or monthend except they often demarcate periods of activity.

So plan and operate with a longer view of the business. Effective search engine marketing builds strength upon itself over time - not a start from scratch effort whenever the beancounters say the books are closed.

The Most Effective
Search Engine Marketing Plan
is Long Term



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