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A Financial Plan
for Website Development

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Just as they say in the website development world - Content is King - in any Financial Plan - Cash is King!

Nobody ever went out of business because they forgot to amortize goodwill. Accruals, amortization, depreciation and other non-cash transactions are used to allocate financial accounts among or over periods of time. Their omission or miscalculation can cause difficulties. But they won't run you out of business.

Not Watching and Guarding Cash
can Shut You Down

So in addressing the financial aspect of your business plan - concentrate on cash. Protect it. Speed up its inflow . Slow down its departure. Cash management in other words. It's the number one thing you can do to ensure your enterprise will remain a going concern.

Similarly in budgeting for a financial plan - remember cash is what needs to be budgeted. Accruals and prepaid items are for the bean counters, not for the entrepreneur.

Budgeting Financial Assets
for Website and Marketing Development

If you think long-term, as any business strategist should do, the goal is to place your business in the optimal position from a marketing, profitability, and competitive viewpoint.

For a quick influx of sales - consider pay-per-click advertisements or sponsorship ads with the internet search engines. Development of properly selected keywords and host choices can bring gross sales up very swiftly. The downside is that when you cease paying for the advertising or your PPC hits the maximum - you have a website that is no better than the one you started with. With organic SEO - the increases are slower - but in the end you have a higher ROI and a quality website.

If you are looking for growth over the years and an edge on your competition - we recommend organic SEO. To place your services in the highest ranking organic listings ( natural SERPs ) there is no preferable method.

Do you want your services to be marketed by a sprinter? PPC may be your path . But if your enterprise is to run as an endurance machine - organic, sometimes called natural, SEO is the clear choice.

Any financial plan you develop should ponder utilizing any and all tactics and techniques to further your goals . Make sure you understand what your options are. We can assist you in shortening your learning curve. Plus we retain the services of a full-time CPA to advise us on how our clients might best come up with a financial plan for website development and profitablility.

Contact us if we sound like the type of firm you want as a partner . We want you to succeed - get noticed - use organic SEO and our profession website construction services - for success.

For Website Development
- have a Clear Financial Plan



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