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An online marketing plan is a major component of the overall business plan. The development of the web site should give a great deal of preference toward forwarding the goals of the marketing plan.

Knowing where to start with the marketing step is easy - define your online customer. It's in formulating this definition that requires tedious detailed analysis.

Demographics of the folks who you would expect to purchase your products or services is one key indicator. Are they male or female or both? What is their age range? Does income level play a role? Will only certain geographies be interested? Do your customers have certain educational or religious backgrounds? Consideration of these and many other demographic features may have a direct bearing on defining your paramount question -

Who is my Customer?

We were charged with responsibility for defining the customer profiles for a major restaurant chain. Through exhaustive research, analysis and computer modeling it was determined that there were many factors in common across the country such as families with children, lower income, and eighteen to thirty five age groups being positive variables. But certain other elements were and eighteen to thirty five age groups being positive variables . But certain other elements were be contributing factors only in certain geographies such as population density and education level.

Besides demographics other variables such as seasonality and competition levels can play a huge role in a successful marketing plan campaign. Web site devolopment attempts to encompass as many positive customer features as possible If possible, try to focus one particular customer strongpoint on each page specifically designed to attract that online customer. This is the overall strategy of an effective online marketing plan.

An Online Marketing Plan for YOU!

We will customize the web site development and design for your business specifically tailored for your business success and budget.

And since organic search engine optimization is a long term process - we have a shared interest in your profitability and successful development of enhanced visibility and sales growth.

We will partner with you to develop
a dynamic online marketing plan

We specialize in web site development and organic search engine optimization. But we have tremendous experience in other facets of e-commerce. We consider all aspects of your business in the formulation of your unique business plan and marketing strategy.

We play to win, and have the stamina to grow your business over time.

Go with a Winner!

Have your Web Site Development
include an effective Online Marketing Plan


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