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FAQ: How can I determine whether my pages have been indexed by Google? Andrea R., South Lyon Township, MI

A: To find out which, if any, of your website's pages have been indexed by Google - go to the Google search box. Enter the following:


Substitute your actual domain name for 'yourdomain', and your actual TLD (top Level Domain, such as .com or .net) for tld.

Google will list for you each webpage that it has indexed for your website.

By the way, say hi to your son Patrick from Cheyenne.

FAQ: When I search Google for the pages thay have indexed for my website, some of them say Supplemental Index. What does this mean? Dan M., Milwaukee, WI

A: Google maintains two indexes - one for webpages that they deem to be quality pages and a Supplemental Index for pages that are deemed to be unimportant or low quality. Any pages in the Supplemental Index should be reviewed to determine the cause for the conditional indexing. The causes need to be resolved for the page to be released from this index into the regular one.

FAQ: I've got a lot of pages in Google's Supplemental Index. Why are they there, instead of in the regular index? Ben W., Chicago, IL

A: Only Google knows for certain why they put pages in the Supplemental Inex, but there are several probable reasons.

  1. The page could have mostly images with little content.
  2. The page might have too little unique content, or could have duplicate content.
  3. There could be Title or Description tags identical to other pages.
  4. The page could be dynamic pages, generated from a database.
  5. Most of the links could be reciprocal.
  6. The page might have similar header, sidebar or footer information as other pages.
  7. It may be an orpaned page - with outbound links, or only one inbound link.

FAQ: I read why a webpage might be placed in Google's Supplemental Index. But how can you get a webpage out? Gerry G., Schaumburg, IL

A : One of the first things to try is adding some unique content to the page. Also make sure you have highly correlated Title and Description tags - and that they differ from your other pages. Finally, make sure you link to the page if it is orphaned.

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