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FAQ: I've noticed that the hyperlinks on some websites open up into a new window when you click them on. They always seem to be links to other websites when this happens. Why would I want an external link to open in a new window? Marge F., Toledo, OH

A: There are two main reasons why you'd want to open a linking website in a new window - copyright concerns and easier navigation for the visitor.

Opening a website within the framework of another website is referred to as "framing". Some sites such as educational sites do not mind being framed. But others, such as commercial websites do not like being framed.You should secure permission from the other website before framing them - or to be safe, open the website in a new window.

As to ease of navigation - with separate windows the user can move back and forth between windows without losing their place.

FAQ: Is it preferable to put the forward links on a page all in one place or should they be spread around the page ? I've seen both ways on sites I've seen. Hazel C., Jonesville, MI

A: It's perfectly alright to use either method. But by placing hyperlinks in the body, near the place where they are most, pertitent - the reader can depart and return to the same place in the text after clicking on the explanatory or relevant link.

FAQ: How long does it take for the search engines to list my site once I submit it? Edna N., Mankato, MN

A: The amount of time varies for each of the search engines. Google usually takes between six to eight weeks to be indexed. And even then, Google often only indexes the home page of the site. It's not until subsequent Googebot visits that additional pages will be indexed.

Other search engines will list your site almost immediately. Upon submission to these search engines, they will usually send a spider to the url that is submitted - returning with the information it finds on the HTML tags, and sometimes ask you to confirm the information before it indexes it.

Still other search engines may take over three months to index a site. For this reason it is important that you follow-up on your submissions after a few months to verify you have been indexed. If your website is not yet listed, submit it again. But do not resubmit more frequently than once a month.

Keep in mind that search engines, unlike directories, often index websites without any submission process at all. In the travels of their robots they visit sites that hyperlinks point to from other sites. So if another indexed website points to your website - you may get indexed as a result.

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