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Before you can expect to attract visitors to your web site it is imperative that attention be given to how the search engines handle a query. Understand your targeted searchers and you will better understand what you need to do to attract them.

There are thousands of search engines so why not concentrate on the search schemes of Google, the largest search engine . Google represents roughly half of all the search engine queries.

When you call up the google web site there is a simplicity of their home page that makes it simple to make choices as to what you want to do. The absence of the busyness of the web page belies the depth of capability within the domain. The cursor will blink within a small search box on the page. Notice that you are in the " Web " portion of the search options. We will examine the various keyword search techniques and syntaxes separately. First. Let's explore the other features on this page.

Google Image Search

Click on the "Images" link to the right of Web. You will notice that the screen looks substantially identical to the first. However, the search box is geared to scrounge the Internet for images instead of for keyword searches.

Type in "Old Glory" and click the ' Search Images ' link. Thousands of images are brought up from around the web. Since google cannot see images, it is matching the image search with html coded "Old Glory" from the webpages. You can find such html codes within the alternative (alt) tags associated with an image.

Not all of the images presented will necessarily be of the American flag. That's because Google is not looking at the pictures. It must relay on the descriptions contained in the computer code. Although not a good practice for web sites - an inaccurate alt tag stating "Old Glory" could be relating something totally irrelevant to the description.

To have the greatest chance of finding exactly what you want, do not just enter a single word or two. Establish focus on precisely the population you want to view as much as possible. If you want pictures of a certain island group - the Sandwich Islands - don't enter just "sandwich" unless you are willing to sort through pictures of food stacked between slices of bread. Better yet, expand it to " Sandwich Island Beach " if that's a more exacting query for the image you are seeking.

Let's look at Image searches a little more on the next page.

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