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In returning various images in response to a Google Image search for keywords that were input, note what this page has on it.

There are twenty thumbnail pictures on the page, unless you opt for a different quantity. These pictures are the images that exist on the actual web pages found. The pictures are in relevance order, based on the Google search engine algorithm and and contain a link which can be clicked on to take you to the page itself.

Underneath each image is pertinent information about it. The type of file for the image may be noted . For instance, a .jpg file is commonly utilized for pictures or images.

In addition, the size of the image is noted, both in pixels and in kilobytes. The pixels are stated as vertical columns ( the first number ) by horizontal rows ( the second number ). For example, an image might have a pixel size of 900 x 636 pixels. Another way that the pixel size could be thought of is by multiplying the vertical amount by the horizontal figure, as in 900 times 636 equals 572.4 kilopixels.

The file size is stated in kilobytes. This would be important if you were downloading an image. The larger the file - the longer it would take.

Below all of this - the url of the website where the image came from is noted.

Google Advanced Image Search

To the right of the Image Search button is a link for Advanced Image Search. Clicking on this link brings up a very useful search engine screen. In the Find Results section is a user friendly Google Boolean syntax tool.

Box One - searches for images containing ALL of the keywords - similar to the AND Boolean syntax.

Box Two - searches for images containing ALL of the keywords - in the exact order of what is entered - similar to putting quotation marks around the keywords.

Box Three - searches for images containing any of the keywords input - similar to the Boolean OR syntax.

Box Four - searches for images with all of the keywords, but excluding any images that contain certain keywords that exist along with the desired keywords - similar to the Boolean NOT syntax. These boxes all deal with pinpointing the search. In addition, there are features below them which refine the image queries in other ways. We will discuss these on the next page.

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