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In addition to the features which allow more precision in the search, a number of other useful options are available.

Image Size Users can select Any Size, Small, Medium or Large.
File Types Users may select Any Size, JPG, GIF, or PNG.
Coloration Users may select Any colors, black and white, grayscale or full color.
Domain Users could restrict the search to a given website.
Safe Search Filters can be requested to screen out images that are not kid-safe or a moderate level.

Types of Image Files

There are three main types of files used for images.

File Type JPG (or JPEG) GIF PNG
Initials Mean Joint Photographic Experts
Graphics Interchange Format Portable Network Graphics
Good for:

Complex graphics

Images with only a few distinct colors
Black and white images
Line Drawings
Images with small text

Greater compression than GIF
Items of Note

Supports sixteen million colors

Does not handle on line drawings, simple graphics or lettering

Information discarded in compression is not detectable by the human eye .

Supports 256 colors

Supports 256 colors

Does not support animation

Google Preferences

Directly below the Advanced Image Search link is another link called Preferences. This contains options which should be reviewed at least once. It's likely a user might want to select other ways of conducting the search.

The first section is Interface Language, where you may indicate other languages for Google to communicate tips or messages to you.

Below that is an option for selecting the Search Language to be used. Queries would be limited to pages written in the designated language. Thirty-six languages are offered.

The next option is to select a filter on the query. Strict filtering excludes text and images with explicit content. Moderate filters cull only explicit images. Or query without a filter could be selected.

Number of Results allows the user to dictate how many search results will appear per page, up to 100. Results Window requests that search results be displayed in a new browser window.

The options which are selected may be saved so that they over-ride the default settings.

Next let's look at the language option a bit more.

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