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Something interesting, which most searchers are unaware of, is that Google can handle queries for synonyms of keywords. To effect this type of search utilize the tilde character ( ~ ) . It is located far upper left on the keyboard with the shift on.

Place the tilde immediately in front of the keyword you would like a synonym search for, with no space in between, and click the search button. If you wanted synonyms for the keyword " fabric " enter it as ~fabric .

It's easy to miss inputting similar words to the keywords entered into the search box. Maybe that word is just on the tip of your tongue and you just can't recall that precise word you need.

To supplement the online query for synonyms one could visit other internet resources for synonyms. There are websites for Roget's Thesaurus and the Merriam-Webster dictionary to explore general words. And many specialized sources are out there for informational categories such as for astronomy, math, geography, cooking and agriculture.

By using the tilde character results will be returned for the keyword itself and also for synonyms. Synonyms will be bolded on the SERPs page to aid in identifying them.

Geography specific searches

Where geography is important make sure you enter a geographic term in the query. If you want a home in Toledo Ohio - enter Toledo and Ohio as terms to eliminate areas you are not interested in. If you are looking for a new home in West Bloomfield's popular 48322 zip code - use it as a search term. The more specific your query, the more relevant will be the webpages returned.

Geographic specifications could be countries, cities, zip codes, counties, continents, galaxies - as large or as small as you need. Services such as Google Local Search can match up queries to relevant pages through the use of local geographic specific terms utilized by both the website and the query initiator.

Case Sensitivity

A very important question is whether the search would be performed differently if the keywords had capital letters or just lower case letters. In some search engines there is case sensitivity. But not with Google. Google does not distinguish between upper or lower case letters.

Singulars and plurals

Search engines treat singulars and plurals differently. So if you are looking for a new residence try home as well as homes in a query. And the synonym house along with houses. Search under many variations to improve your information sources.


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