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Split or Merged Words

Many words can be searched for as two distinct words. Examples are website and web site or webpages and web pages. Try searching under both possibilities as they will yield different results.

For webmasters trying to optimize their sites these split or merged words will yield variances both in the number of searches for that keyword and also in the number of competitors for it.

Hyphenated Words

Especially with the advent of the internet , the use of hyphens in words seems to have exploded. There is e-mail, e-commerce, e-solutions, g-mail and hundreds of other possibilities.

Remember to include both versions when searching. The pages you are seeking could have used either, or both spellings. And for many, both spellings have been deemed correct, as in e-mail or email.

Stemming and Wildcards

Certain search engines support what is referred to as stemming. Stemming is the use of a wildcards to allow variations of a keyword or keyphrase. The typical wildcard is an asterisk ( * ) following the keyword.

Explicit stemming is the use of a wildcard to allow variations of the root keyword.

An example of explicit stemming is - trust* . Variations of this single word allowed in the search would include trust, trusts, trusted, trusting, trustworthy and any other variation with the identical first five letters of that keyword.

While some search engines recognize explicit stemming - Google does not.

Full word wildcards are used to allow different entire keywords to be searched for.

An example of full word stemming is - Chicago * professional team. Pages returned would all have the words Chicago, professional and team along with any other word replacing the asterisk. So the webpages might include Bears, Cubs, Sox, Bulls, Cubbies, Illinois and any number of other terms found.

Google does allow full word wild cards - where the asterisk is a full word.

Full word stemming is especially helpful in avoiding Google's ten keyword and syntax limit. It is also a nice way to check for the frequency and the derivatives of phrases. And for those who can't quite remember everything they heard - it can fill in the blanks on phrases. Use it for quotes, songs, poetry - a multitude of things.

Keep in mind that a full word wildcard can be placed at any position in a phrase. It can be at the start such as: * house on the prairie. It can be in the middle such as : Little * on the prairie. Or used at the end : Little house on the * .

Additional wildcard information in the next section.

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