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Types of Keyword Terms

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Both from a search perspective as well as from an optimization point of view it should be observed that there are three major types of keyword terms.

Branded Search Terms

The first type of keyphrase term is a Branded term. Branded terms represent a specific brand, product, service or company. Searchers querying with a particular brand in mind represents a highly motivated and focused potential customer. They know fairly precisely what they are searching for.

Branded terms are advantageous from a marketing viewpoint as well. A branded term is likely to have a very high click through rate (CTR) and also a very strong conversion rate. The better known the brand is - the more likely the increased traffic. The attraction of the searcher to the website is due to the desirability of the specific brand as much as to the generic product itself. In actuality, other websites may offer superior relevant products for the targeted audience. However, the brand overrides those websites.

Search engine marketing is becoming a growing force in the advertising arena. And advertising by whatever tactic within the SEM campaigns is driving brand recognition. It's estimated that for some products - more than nine out of ten searchers will research the products online and then proceed to purchase it offline. And search engine marketing is one of the primary influences directing the search process. Thus, the construction of an effective search engine marketing plan around the objective of driving company and brand awareness has tremendous value.

Of the three main methods of search engine marketing - Paid for Placement, Paid for Inclusion and Organic Optimization - two have distinct advantages when it comes to Brand marketing.

Paid for Placement (PFP) enables terms to rank at the highest, most prominent placement within the search environment. This includes not only a targeted brand, product or company. It also can be extremely beneficial for the high traffic generic terms.

Paid for Inclusion (PFI) is not appropriate for Brand marketing. Searchers looking for a particular brand already have an awareness of the specific brand name. There is little benefit to paying for a remote inclusion. Searchers entering a branded term are past the need for the terms to be found - they are at the decision making and brand interest stage of the purchasing decision.

Some might argue that any and all presence could be beneficial to marketing a brand. So PFI might also work. True. While PFI is more appropriate for other types of search terms - a cost-benefit study could be undertaken to reach the correct choice.

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