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Organic search engine optimization is one of the best opportunities to maximize ROI on branded searched. There is no pay per click. But the cost is not zero. There is upfront expenses needed to optimize the individual webpages of the site. Usually website designers are unfamiliar with html optimizing techniques. And webmasters have enough to keep them busy without contemplating search engine marketing tactics in addition to maintaining the website. And the business operators generally have neither the time, training nor patience to take on the task themselves.

So that leaves the choice between paying an outside consulting firm to organically optimize the site or selecting paid options.

Some nice features with organic search engine optimization is that once the up-front costs are incurred, just routine maintenance may be required. The website will be of finer quality than a non-optimized competitor. The benefits of using organic SEO are long lasting. And in addition to being a great tool for brand advertising - it is equally useful for generic or product marketing.

It is paramount that the most appropriate vehicles be utilized for Brand marketing, depending on the method of marketing.

Vehicles for PFP Marketing

Search engines will fall into four general classifications for use in brand marketing PFP campaigns - First Tier, Second Tier, Specialty and Other.

First tier search engines comprise those vehicles that provide the strongest coverage for the marketer. Google AdWords, Overture (owned by Yahoo) and (formerly Ask Jeeves) are Tier One Search vehicles. MSN and AOL could also be considered in the first tier.

Second tier vehicles would include other portals that cover a significant share of market or demography. Alta Vista, Miva, Teoma, Search123, FindWhat, Mirago, Kanoodle and Infospace are second tier PFP vehicles.

Specialty vehicles are search engines or directories which concentrate on certain classifications of products or services. Certain directories and search engines offer specialized categories only - such as health related, music, art, photography, software or clothing.

The other category is comprised of all else. These search engines or directories have insufficient traffic, market share, demographic strength or other marketing feature that can be taken advantage of for PFP purposes. No attention should be directed to these if Pay For Placement is the advertising method.

Searchers should be aware of the fact that PFP ads are presented to them not because they necessarily are relevant to what they are seeking - but because somebody paid the search engine to return the page for consideration.

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