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How does Organic SEO SEM submit your website to directories and search engines that is different from the methods used by many of our competitors.

  • First and foremost, we use MANUAL submission methods. Search engines and directories prefer, and often demand, manual submissions. Automated submits are either not allowed, programmed to be barred, or are rejected upon discovery.

  • Manual submissions enable the completion of request forms using a variety of Titles, Descriptions and Alt Tag Text. Without carefully selected and optimized wording - you won't get maximum benefit from the links. We encourage our clients to provide us with a variety of Titles and Descriptions so that the Linking Campaign will never be interpreted by the spiders or editors as "link spamming".

The ability to vary titles and descriptions also facilitates unique, customized submissions - targetted for specific audiences or directory categories. Also, the variety can enhance the positioning of the link for additional benefit.

  • We manually select the most relevant search engines and directories to submit your link requests to. We considertheir PageRank, Traffic, Popularity, available Categories, Cost, and Reciprocity features. We make sure they are a website with Relevance to your website, product, service or niche.

  • We select the most relevant category to list your site under. Where multiple links are available - we consider setting them up, depending on their relevance and quality.

  • We submit your web site to the candidate sites OVER TIME. This is part of our organic approach.

Few, if any, websites gain backlinks instantly or all at once. They gain links gradually, over time, from related or relevant other websites. They grow - naturally, organically and ethically.

Automated submissions generally have a "Big Bang" appearance to the search engines. All at once - quick - down and dirty - over and out. The search engines don't like this. They don't like their algorithms being held hostage to programmatic linking. They can issue penalties for sites found to employ deceptive practices.

You want your website presence to be built the right way. We want it that way as well.

This requires a conscientious attitude, and an attention to details.

Our competitors often take "short-cuts" in getting the job done. WE DON'T.

Can You Submit to
Search Engines and Directories for Free?

Absolutely! But is this an effective use for your time? And do you have the knowledge, resources and expertise necessary to reap the maximum benefits while avoiding the pitfalls and red flags?

We Choose Excellence Over Speed

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