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You wouldn't purchase a new car and not have it equipped with the options that you wanted - would you?

And you wouldn't buy last year's model for more money than this year's - would you? Especially if the older one didn't meet your current needs.

So why would any car dealer want to pay the rapidly rising rates charged for yesterday's marketing vehicles - now that the current model is in the showroom?

In this fast-paced world of TV channel surfing, online entertainment and high tech information - get your car dealership into the twenty-first century.

TV, radio, print advertising - all great in their time. And even now, on a selective basis, this media can give your business additional exposure and new customers.

Are you ready to get your car dealership into the 21st century? Want to grow your business without incurring construction costs ? How about expanding the geographic area that you serve without the enormous expense of constant television or radio advertising?

Become a car dealer of the future by using quality

organic website optimization


  • Promote your car dealer weekly specials and promotions.
  • Communicate with potential customers BEFORE they come to see you.
  • Spotlight your excellent service department, body shop with trained mechanics and your other dealership features.
  • Provide information about your sales staff - both to provided visibilty for your sales representatives and also to help your customers get acquainted with them.
  • Offer discount coupons for auto sales, service or repeat business.
  • Explain why you are THE car dealer to buy a car from.

Just building a website is not enough. Website optimization for the search engines - so your potential customers can find you is essential. And website content optimization is needed so that once they arrive - they will stay and look around. And most importantly, website optimization especially designed for a car dealer is needed to attract motivated, targeted customers.

Change your specials as often as you like. Run customized classified ad campaigns on the net at a fraction of what you're paying for print advertising. Promote the cars YOU want to promote - WHEN you want to promote them. Our organic optimization services, fine-tuned for car dealers can do this for you.

What kind of Car Dealer are you?

It doesn't matter! The internet is an equal opportunity vehicle.

New cars, pre-owned or used cars - advertise them all.

Ford, Chrysler, GM, Toyota, Honda, Kia - whichever dealer brand you offer - enter the new century! The Internet has a way of leveling the playing field. But to gain the edge on the field - you need optimization - or you won't be found.

We believe that you will be impressed with the long-term quality that organic optimization can provide for your car dealership. And we know you will be equally excited about the relatively low cost it can be provided for.

The car dealer of the future will not be restricted to conventional means of marketing. They will not be restricted to historic geographic boundaries. In fact, there will be a weeding out of car dealers as more and more of them turn to the technology of today - optimization of websites.


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  Don't become a weed. Get in full bloom as the most attractive flower in your niche. Become a car dealer with a lasting presence. Use car-dealer-specific organic website optimization to become the elite car dealer for tomorrow.

Don't become a weed.  Be a flower!


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