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Every candidate for political office in the twenty - first century NEEDS to have a website. Yard signs and campaign buttons are alright - but for quality voter contact a website is not a luxury - it is a necessity. No matter what political office you are seeking - at the federal, state, or local level -

Search Engine Marketing and
Political Website Design is Essential

We can provide you with the professional appearance your website needs. Impress the voters so they will become your constituents. That, along with strategic search engine marketing will build a long-term presence on the Web. And that's what you want - a long-term presence in politics. Put it on your checklist of the important steps you should take in starting the campaign.

      1. Make a personal assessment of your situation.
        • Do you have the time necessary to make a run for public office?
        • Is your family supportive of your political aspirations?
        • Do you have "name recognition" - a well-known name or one easy to remember?
        • Are you tough enough to withstand the political fires requiring a thick skin?
        • Are you competitive by nature with a will to win?
        • Are you a good public speaker with above average people skills?

      2. Get involved in your community .
        • Join civic organizations such as Rotary, Jaycees, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus or the Lion's Club.
        • Join a political party which reflects your views or values.
        • Improve your public speaking skills through active involvement in Toastmasters.

      3. Learn about the crucial issues.
        • Read the local newspapers to learn about issues important to your constituents.
        • Listen to local talk radio shows.
        • Read about the topics you are passionate about - maybe the reasons you are considering a political career.
        • Talk with your colleagues and co-workers.

      4. Volunteer for Causes and Interests.
        • Participate in charitable efforts such as Breast Cancer Walks or the American Red Cross blood drives.
        • Take part in organizations important to you and the voters such as Neighborhood Watch groups where crime prevention is paramount or the PTA or YMCA where education is a vital interest.
        • Build name recognition and credibility by holding office in an issue advocacy group - for the issues you are running on.
        • Become a writer for organization newsletters or serve as media contact for an issue group.

      5. Build grassroots support.
        • List your family, friends, colleagues and club partners that you think might provide support.
        • The longer you list - the stronger your campaign will be.

      6. Research the office you seek.
        • Determine what legal obligations or filings you will need to satisfy.
        • Identify the specific group of voters or their localities that will be participating in the election.
        • Attend public meetings of the office you are seeking.
        • Talk with the Board of Elections for assistance with demographic or legal questions.

      7. Build the optimal tools for the political run.
        • Build a quality website with professional design.
        • Identify appropriate marketing strategy including search engine marketing and website optimization.
        • Evaluate political advertising - yard signs, bumper stickers, campaign buttons - and their cost.

Search Engine Marketing and
Website Design for a Political Presence

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