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A common question among webmasters is - what is the most effective search engine marketing strategy?

The answer is peculiar for every unique business, but there are some common threads.

First, to position a business for successful search engine marketing results it is important to really understand the market that you are operating in - or that you want to enter. Is it a homogenous market or are there very different requirements for the various sectors. The market may be a different animal depending on the particular product or service you will be competing to sell.

There may be significant competition for particular products or services while others are controlled by a few companies and some may be new terrain with little competition.

Customer profiles may vary between products causing modifications in the search engine marketing techniques required. To be most effective - understand your customer.

Segmentation using clustering, correlation analysis or other multi-variant analyses can identify the key variables that differentiate each of the segments. Categorization by demographics, needs analysis, belief and judgment systems or other classification methods aid in understanding. And the potential or existing size of the market can be determined.

The analysis of the segments should also develop an understanding of brand positions, market gaps and product definition by competitor. Only by differentiating YOUR product from THEIRS, unless it is a generic offering, will you be able to assess and figure out the most effective components of the search engine marketing plan.

Search Engine Marketing

One uniform piece of an effective search engine marketing campaign is organic search engine optimization. It is always beneficial to build your website to be search engine friendly and honed to attract your targeted customer by using effective keywords. Unlike other forms of search engine marketing - organic SEO builds long-term website strength. With other forms of SEM , although there are reasons for each, the results are short-term. Once the marketing money is spent - it is gone.

On-site organic SEO includes good content, highly correlated computer code, search engine friendly navigation and optimal internal linking architecture. Off-site organic SEO includes Links Exchange programs with optimized alt text, press releases, blogs, forum discussion groups, directory and search engine submissions, classified advertising and article writing.

Each of these SEM tactics must revolve around those keywords which are found to relate both to the frequency of customer demand and to the scarcity of competitors. Any effective search engine marketing effort keeps the customer first, keeps the competition in view and most of all - concentrates on future effective direction in analyzing both.

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