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An essential part of your site "getting noticed" is the utilization of appropriate tags for each page.  These tags should be carefully constructed and placed in the right sequence.  A high degree of correlation must exist between the tags and the related body and images for proper optimization.

Although not considered a meta tag, the Title tag is probably the most important tag you should be using.  In fact the World Wide Consortium W3 requires it.

Two of the main meta tags are the Description Tag and the Keyword Tag.  They are key components of optimization.  Yet only 21% of web pages have them.  If you include them and your competition does not - you're one step ahead.

What is a "meta tag".  The term "meta" denotes something that refers to, or describes itself.  These tags are employed to describe in various ways what the document is all about.

Most meta tags are something that your visitors will not see.  And they are usually not even aware of their existence.  But without these tags it's unlikely they would have been able to find you in the first place.

HTML is the basic language for building a web domain.  Each page would be an HTML document.  HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.  The HTML tags are sometimes referred to as markup tags.

A few rules - HTML tags are always surrounded by brackets (less than/greater than  characters).  Tags come in pairs - the first turns the tag on, the second  turns the tag off.  The second one always starts with a forward slash ( / ). If you begin a tag within another tag - you must close the inner tag before you close the outer tag.  (Sounds kind of like the old algebra equations).  In addition, many tags have optional features.

Meta Tags for Optimization

To better understand what HTML tags are, we've identified a number of the more common ones and how optimization may be done.

  • Anchor  

This tag creates a hyperlink.  It designates the origin and destination of the link.  It can create a "mailto" link or a bookmark inside a document. Optimization of the anchor text is an important step in our optimization services.

  • Author

This tag is a meta tag.  It identifies the author and who is responsible for maintainence or updates.  It may designate who has property rights to the content.  Optimization is not done on this tag.

  • Body

This contains the viewed portion of the document. It sets the background, colors, text, images and graphics.  This tag is a major optimization focus. For instance, the body might include the services your company offers.  It should be keyword-rich, targeting viewers fitting your customer profile. And it needs to have a high relevance relationship with the other tags.

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