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SEO Services - Organic SEO or PPC?

Organic SEO SEM

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using either organic search engine optimization (SEO) services or Pay-Per-Click Internet marketing services.

If you want to do business on the Internet you'll probably want to select one of these methods to market your products or services. This is because 85% of Internet shoppers use search engines to find what they want.  That's about six out of seven people.  And since your potential customers need to find you before they can buy from you - you must cater to the search engines to generate traffic.

Shoppers use specific search terms - and both organic search engine optimization and Pay-Per-Click are built around developing words to describe the products or services.  The trick is matching YOUR search words to the SHOPPER search terms - to bring you targeted traffic.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could match up the right customers with your offerings?  You don't want surfers - you desire targeted traffic.

It's estimated that six out of seven web sites are not optimized to be search-engine-friendly.  The rest use paying for ranking, email marketing, some other form of advertising or marketing, or nothing at all.  Most use nothing at all - and flounder in obscurity.  No optimization or promotion efforts at all.

Organic Search Engine
Optimization Services

Organic SEO, the methodology of optimizing web pages and building link popularity, normally are less expensive services in the long-run. But that doesn't mean it's always easy - or inexpensive.  For instance, getting high rankings for the search term "automobile", a highly competitive search term would likely cost quite a bit.

Again over time, the Return on Investment (ROI) will likely be better using the organic method.  More Internet shoppers click on the  natural search engine results than the Paid results.  So you get a lot greater traffic - for less money.  And fees for an organic seo specialist usually will be lower than the continuing costs of paying for rank.  And if you have enough time and knowledge - you could perform some of the organic seo yourself.

By using the "Link Popularity" approach you are also building long-lasting results.  You will place higher in the SERPs, bringing you increased targeted traffic.  Plus the links themselves may provide significant traffic to your site.

And maybe the clearest edge - once organic seo brings you to the top of the rankings - there is no need to spend money for artificial visibility.

So - organic SEO sounds like the clear winner - right?  Maybe not. Pay-per-click has some advantages, too.

Pay Per Click
Internet Marketing Services

If you need fast business - PPC is the clear winner.  Organic SEO may take several months to deliver high ranking results.  But this tactic can catapult you to the top of the listings right away.

It takes less thought and patience.  Organic SEO deals with many concepts and marketing strategies.  There is tweaking of the site and adjustment of the key search terms.  Each page is usually manually prepared and made search engine AND human friendly.  With PPC - you select your search terms, get your checkbook out, and wait for the business.

It allows you to track conversion rates, effective keywords, sales, opt-ins and leads.  This enables you to make adjustments as you go – adding or turning off keywords.

It usually involves "bidding" (paying) for a search term.  So you control, to an extent, how much you will pay.  And the short-term ROI is likely better than with organic search engine optimization.

An obvious disadvantage is the cost.  It could cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per day.  And with the increasing cost of Paid or Sponsored Search - it becomes a less effective way to generate ROI.

But the BIGGEST DISADVANTAGE is that either more and more money is spent attracting purchasers - or else the campaign ends - and your web site is no better off than when you started. Organic SEO leaves you with an ever-strengthening business – but Pay Per Click leaves you with the original shell.

So the question is which way to go.  Our firm recommends the organic method, mainly because of the site quality, lower costs and better long-term visibility.  We believe that a business should be built for the  long run, and not be just another domain.

Using our SEO services builds that type of visibility, quality and stamina.  While other strategies could complement an organic program - organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the preferred choice of services.




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