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Search engine marketing ( SEM ) is a complex and multi-faceted operation. It is more than just cookie-cutter promotion services for a web site to achieve high rankings for key phrases. Each keyphrase does not have a one-size-for-all solution. A blend of experience, creativity and technical know-how must adapt to comply with the requirements of the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

There are several general steps required in formulating an effective search engine marketing campaign for a business web site.

Define Customer Profiles

An initial focus is on the development of customer profiles. "Know Thy Customer " is an old adage of traditional marketing. And it applies to search engine marketing and web site promotion as well.

Much can be gleaned from econometric modeling in arriving at a definition of who might purchase your services. While a regression analysis between sales versus independent demographic or descriptive variables is the formal determination methodology, intuition and real-life experience are more commonly utilized.

Unlike traditional econometrics where heteroscedasticity is maximized so that advertising and promotions are acutely targeted - multicollinearity is not without value. Where data redundancy is present, the services for the alternate profile are highlighted on a separate web page.

Promotion of Web Site Services

The opposite end of the equation is the detailing of the products or services offered on the web site. These terms should be described using common terminology, trade or technical descriptions and with an eye toward synonyms.

For example, search engine marketing might also be described as SEM,search engine promotion techniques, internet marketing, or web site promotion marketing.

Connect your customer profile
with your services using keywords

Circle of Success

The promotion of your sevices into high rankings by the search engines is a result of effective matching of keyphrases actually used by your clients with the detailed services they are looking for. An eye toward the level of competition is also needed - you want to offer not only the services frequently requested that you offer - but also those for which there is lesser competition.

The optimal matching of customer query terms with your services decription is both an art and a science. With the required thought and effort - it is a make-it or break-it step.

Search Engine Marketing -
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