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A key component of search engine marketing is a concept known as Link Popularity. Link Popularity is measured by Number and the Quality of inbound links into your website.

Link Popularity is a major factor that Google and other Internet search engines consider in determining the importance of your website - and how high it will be ranked in their results.

The best way to secure links is by Natural or Organic methods. Create great content on your webpages and other sites will naturally link to you.

But how will they find you if they don't know where you are? We can tell them where you are for under 45 cents per link.

Develop a Search Engine Marketing
Internet Submission Campaign

Our firm offers High Quality Internet submission programs for all types of websites.

How is Quality measured?

  • We use MANUAL submission techniques only.

Our competitors often advertise fantastic prices for automated submissions to Thousands of sites.
But Google, as well as many other search engines and directories
DO NOT LIKE Automated Submission.
In fact, many take steps to identify and prohibit an automated submission.

  • We methodically select only HIGH QUALITY sites to provide you with links.

They are domains indexed by Google.
They are sites whose traffic is measured by Alexa.
No FFA or Link Farms are selected.

  • We select only entities that are RELEVANT to your website.

These links must COMPLEMENT your site - not merely be pointed toward it.

  • We submit only to search engine friendly domains.
No-follow tagged sites or dynamic page directories provide NO benefit to you.
We know who they are - and we avoid them.
  • We optimize each element of the submission.
  • We use customized titles , descriptions and keywords that are highly correlated
    not only with your website, but also to the particular page the link will point to.
  • We use keyword-rich Alt tags for association on the inbound link wherever allowed.
  • We inter-relate the Internet submission effort with your overall search engine marketing plan.
    Internet submission is merely a component of an overall search engine marketing strategy.
    Our firm will provide all clients with a detailed listing of all search engines or directories
    that will be made part of your Internet submission function.


How Much Will This Cost?

Our firm will perform this Quality Link Submission at very affordable rates.

10 Quality Inbound Link Submissions
100 Quality Inbound Link Submissions
$ 79.95
(under 80 cents each)
250 Quality Inbound Link Submissions
$ 189.95
(under 76 cents each)
400 Quality Inbound Link Submissions
$ 279.95
(under 70 cents each)
Other Submission Amounts

These links will include Google, MSN , Alexa, Walhello, Accoona, Exact Seek, Amfibi, and other fine search engines or Internet directories.

We will complete all Internet submissions within 10 days to provide you with quicker benefit.

And - if made as part of an overall search engine marketing engagement - these rates can be lowered even further.

Do you have time - on top of running your business - to handle link submission as well? Even if you do - are you aware of how to do it in the best quality manner?

Our Firm knows how Internet Submission works

Save time and handle submission efforts in a cost effective and top quality way. Let Organic SEO SEM provide the know-how and effectiveness for each submission. Build success.



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